Fund Managers & General Partners
Fund Raising


Simba Capital believes in developing long-term and trusted relationships with General Partners and Fund Managers to guide them throughout the fund-raising process. 


In order to create an effective placement strategy we will not only take into account a fund’s current placement efforts but will also assess and advise on a fund’s structure and terms, market positioning, target investor base, competitive environment and marketing materials. As the investor base develops we will maintain a constant dialogue with both managers and investors to reassess and update this strategy. 


We understand the demands on our managers, so provide highly-focused investor targeting and strive to make only successful and relevant introductions to investors with aligned objectives.

Investor Relations


We also work closely with funds on the establishment of a successful investor relations strategy to retain and grow assets and work to facilitate the ongoing relationship between fund and investor.


Our dedication to building long-term relationships with investors is highly beneficial for future fund-raising for follow on funds.